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[18:14:31] (%JacerX) http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2012/dec/02/ryan-hart-suspended-indefinitely-western-wolves/
[18:14:33] (%JacerX) LOL
[18:14:36] (%JacerX) it begins
[18:15:29] (%JacerX) I know everyone likes a bit of drama, but I'm sorry Mad Catz. I just said that out of frustration to my loss. Everyone knows Mad Catz rocks!
[18:15:37] (%JacerX) and so he kisses their ass
[18:19:47] (Saha) yo jacer
[18:19:51] (Saha) gratz on old links breh
[18:20:41] (%JacerX) ricky exposed
[18:20:48] (%JacerX) nigga I wasn't here for that shit
[18:22:23] (Teyah) looks like ricky is out of practice
[18:25:02] (Saha) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yud7ofb4aq0
[18:25:02] (Teyah) "Thank you very fucking much Madcatz. Sending Mago to beat his team mate. Great teamwork! Last time I fucking help any of you."
[18:27:00] (Saha) Atlanta Resurfist
[18:27:05] (PhGjRFmdo1I) http://youtu.be/n5X7lSB_Bqw
[18:29:49] (%JacerX) http://gamers1up.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/iseries-western-wolves-suspend-ryan-hart-until-further-notice-full-story/
[18:29:56] (%JacerX) I don't blame ryan
[18:29:58] (%JacerX) really
[18:30:26] (%JacerX) asking him to help momo and mago becuase of them not being able to speak english :/
[18:30:31] (%JacerX) taking his training time
[18:30:36] (%JacerX) wtf man
[18:31:15] (shinkan) He behaved like a little child, no excuse there
[18:32:50] (%JacerX) so he's not allowed to be angry at them screweing him over?
[18:32:56] (%JacerX) you either didn't read what I posted
[18:33:08] (%JacerX) or have it all wrong.
[18:33:17] (shinkan) They hardly screwed him over, and if he is angry he shouldn't write stupid crap
[18:33:23] (%JacerX) really
[18:33:56] (Kamano) jacer but what he's complaining about
[18:34:02] (%JacerX) so sending someone from japan that failed to qualify in his region to qualify in a different region WHILE knowing that he would most likely have to fight his teammate is not screwing him over?
[18:34:27] (Kamano) does he think EG sends ricky and justin and floe all to different tournaments alone so they don't interfere with each other?
[18:34:44] (shinkan) No, they really didn't screw him over in any way
[18:34:45] (Kamano) if you send more good players from your team to a tournament, the team as a whole has a higher chance of winning
[18:35:02] (@Jake--) JacerX but thats what US did to EU when flashmetroid came to get their sbo slot :D
[18:35:03] (%JacerX) I understand wanting to represent his region
[18:35:08] (%JacerX) and there is nothing wrong with that
[18:35:12] (%JacerX) he would have won it too
[18:35:22] (%JacerX) of course he would have lost badily in san francisco
[18:35:28] (%JacerX) but that's besides the point
[18:35:38] (Saha) Jacer "Its always the large companies fault" X
[18:36:00] (@Jake--) just because large company prefers to have good player representing them instead of bad
[18:36:01] (%JacerX) lol
[18:36:32] (Teyah) wow
[18:36:43] (Teyah) why would he switch to cammy
[18:36:55] (Teyah) just pick Akuma, way better against guile
[18:37:04] (%JacerX) lool
[18:37:45] (%JacerX) also it's the fact that they just flat out told him, take care of the JP it's like saying, you suck don't waste your time
[18:37:49] (%JacerX) which I don't think is cool
[18:38:05] (Kamano) that's really not what that means at all
[18:38:23] (shinkan) He should help his team mates though
[18:38:28] (shinkan) After all, they're a team
[18:38:31] (%JacerX) telling him to take care of them and not worry about training time doesn't mean that?
[18:38:32] (%JacerX) really
[18:38:46] (%JacerX) this is hilarious
[18:38:48] (shinkan) I don't think that little training time would help him much
[18:39:55] (Kamano) I'm pretty sure they didn't say "take care of the jap players and don't practice"
[18:40:04] (Saha) even if they did
[18:40:05] (Kamano) and the 2 days or whatever before the tournament aren't his only times to practice
[18:40:08] (Saha) sponsors = your boss
[18:40:08] (Kamano) he's had literally
[18:40:10] (Saha) do what your told
[18:40:11] (Kamano) infinite time beforehand
[18:40:13] (Kamano) to practice when he wanted
[18:40:35] (Saha) losing and blaming no practice
[18:40:38] (Saha) is a sore loser
[18:43:50] (PhGjRFmdo1I) http://i.imgur.com/P6W3T.jpg
[18:47:48] (Kamano) Alex Jebailey @CEOJebailey
[18:47:49] (Kamano) lol. Marvel Starts in 43,000 Sonic Booms.
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[18:53:21] (@RaptorIIC) lol @ Jacer defending Ryan Hart
[18:53:24] (@RaptorIIC) Have you seen the tweet?
[18:53:32] (@RaptorIIC) It's almost like he was acting like fchamp
[18:54:24] (Saha) ^
[18:54:43] (@RaptorIIC) Here, let me enlighten ou
[18:54:44] (@RaptorIIC) you*
[18:54:44] (@RaptorIIC) http://i.imgur.com/FXMS0.jpg
[18:55:24] (@RaptorIIC) Yeah, let's blame your boss because you're bad, not yourself
[18:55:30] (@RaptorIIC) fchamp imposters unite
[18:56:44] (@RaptorIIC) It's good that they took him down a notch instead of promoting the tears
[18:56:47] (%JacerX) I like how you feel the need to "enlighten" me when I don't agree with an opinion.
[18:56:52] (@RaptorIIC) We don't need more manchildren in the FGC, like fchamp
[18:57:06] (@RaptorIIC) Oh, so you expect to badmouth your boss publically with no fallout?
[18:57:19] (Saha) just sayin
[18:57:22] (%JacerX) I am saying his badmouth is justified ;)
[18:57:22] (@RaptorIIC) Send me a ticket to your magical land
[18:57:23] (Saha) your opinions fucking stupid JacerX
[18:57:30] (@RaptorIIC) Justified what? They're random brackets
[18:57:33] (@RaptorIIC) You might as well blame luck
[18:57:35] (@RaptorIIC) Fuck you luck
[18:57:38] (%JacerX) not saying it's okay for him to get away with it
[18:57:46] (%JacerX) just agreeing with his feelings
[18:57:48] (@RaptorIIC) You think Marn set up those brackets or something?
[18:58:43] (@RaptorIIC) Yeah, thanks for sending a teammate, who got matched up against me in random brackets, who is better than I am
[18:58:58] (@RaptorIIC) And thanks to the above, I was knocked out of the tourney
[18:59:08] (@RaptorIIC) Instead of saying "hey, good to see you here teammate, go on and kick some ass"
[18:59:17] (@RaptorIIC) Instead I will say "hey, fuck you boss, you fucked my chance at marginally winning"
[18:59:28] (@RaptorIIC) Despite the fact that out of my own mouth, there are better players here than I am
[19:00:18] (%JacerX) when your teammate has already represented himself in a qualifying match, I think it's justified to have that feeling since you know, he screwed over someone else who wanted a chance to represent the UK...someone actually from there.
[19:00:37] (@RaptorIIC) See above
[19:00:47] (%JacerX) ok?
[19:01:03] (@RaptorIIC) Because that's what companies do. They try and be fair to everyone in the world
[19:01:08] (@RaptorIIC) Let's hold hands and make sure everyone has an even shot
[19:01:20] (@RaptorIIC) Or instead let's send out our best to get our product/name represented
[19:01:21] (%JacerX) did I even say that?
[19:01:26] (@RaptorIIC) A better chance of being represented
[19:01:35] (@RaptorIIC) What did you say Jacer, your opinions are always shallow and wishy washy
[19:01:38] (@RaptorIIC) Go on and elaborate for me
[19:02:19] (PhGjRFmdo1I) huh
[19:02:42] (PhGjRFmdo1I) it's too bad for ryan hart but what he tweeted is what you say when you're about to quit
[19:02:48] (PhGjRFmdo1I) and then he tried to take it back
[19:03:05] (Saha) yea
[19:03:11] (%JacerX) Just because my opinion differ from yours do not make them wrong, that is all I am going to say. There is no point is trying to make you understand, nor do I really want to.
[19:03:12] (shinkan) You shouldn't quit like that though
[19:03:23] (@RaptorIIC) Using period and proper punctuation doesn't help your cause
[19:03:30] (@RaptorIIC) I'm waiting for an elaborate explanation
[19:03:48] (@RaptorIIC) No wait, just disagree and peace it
[19:03:53] (shinkan) Let's change to a more important topic
[19:03:56] (shinkan) When's marvel?
[19:04:02] ESaha bans shinkan
[19:04:05] (Saha) also jacerx
[19:04:06] (@RaptorIIC) I heard top 16 went on while DOA5 was on
[19:04:08] (PhGjRFmdo1I) omg
[19:04:14] (PhGjRFmdo1I) yeah
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[19:04:16] (PhGjRFmdo1I) marvel not on stream
[19:04:18] (PhGjRFmdo1I) gj
[19:04:21] (%JacerX) why am I obligated to explain anything to you?
[19:04:27] (@RaptorIIC) Apparently you're not
[19:04:28] (PhGjRFmdo1I) there were hype matches last night though
[19:04:39] (%JacerX) You act like you run the fighting game scene or something lol
[19:04:41] (@RaptorIIC) Sounds much like the south
[19:04:43] (@RaptorIIC) FUCK YOU SCIENCE
[19:04:44] (Saha) JacerX you can't just state a fucking retarded opinion
[19:04:46] (Saha) then not back it up
[19:04:48] (@RaptorIIC) ^
[19:04:51] (@RaptorIIC) No he can
[19:04:53] (@RaptorIIC) Apparently
[19:04:56] (Saha) of course
[19:04:56] (@RaptorIIC) Remember
[19:04:57] (Saha) I mean
[19:04:59] (%JacerX) I think years of telling people they are wrong is getting to you.
[19:05:00] (Saha) if you want to be taken seriously
[19:05:02] (Saha) at all
[19:05:06] (@RaptorIIC) He lives in a world where adults don't have to take responsibility
[19:05:12] (@RaptorIIC) I want a ticket to that place
[19:05:23] (@RaptorIIC) Be a 25 year old manchild, like fchamp
[19:05:31] (%JacerX) Lmao
[19:05:34] (shinkan) It's as easy as summoning your persona, Raptor
[19:05:44] (@RaptorIIC) I haven't defeat Shadow RaptorIIC yet
[19:05:46] (%JacerX) so because he has a certian feeling, it is wrong?
[19:05:46] (@RaptorIIC) defeated*
[19:05:51] (Saha) yes JacerX
[19:05:53] (Saha) yes
[19:05:57] (%JacerX) he is human, it's what humans do
[19:05:58] (@RaptorIIC) I'd imagine that Jacer is effectively my shadow persona
[19:06:10] (@RaptorIIC) I've yet to defeat him, since he is immune to reasoning
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[19:06:19] (@RaptorIIC) And I will be absorbed by the TV world
[19:06:24] (PhGjRFmdo1I) well it's wrong for him to write FUCKING and MADCATZ in the same tweet while being sponsored by MADCATZ
[19:06:24] (@RaptorIIC) I'll miss you guys
[19:06:37] (%JacerX) Your workplace reasoning doesn't really work outside of the workplace.
[19:06:37] (@RaptorIIC) Unless it's MADCATZ is FUCKING awesome
[19:06:39] (shinkan) :(
[19:06:43] (PhGjRFmdo1I) i dunno if that'll work though
[19:06:46] (Saha) I'm gonna go post on facebook
[19:06:48] (PhGjRFmdo1I) i thought being esports was all about being PG
[19:06:53] (Saha) FUCK YOU (my place of employment)
[19:06:57] (@RaptorIIC) Do it Jacer
[19:07:03] (@RaptorIIC) Expect nothing to happen to you
[19:07:03] (Saha) then just like, pretend everything is fine
[19:07:05] (shinkan) My boss is being sued for a 7.6 billion fraud, I don't need to badmouth them :(
[19:07:14] (@RaptorIIC) You should shinkan
[19:07:16] (@RaptorIIC) Nothing will happen
[19:07:38] (shinkan) Probably not actually, huge corporations rule
[19:07:41] (@RaptorIIC) Also you know what is hilarious
[19:07:41] (@RaptorIIC) [20:06:31] <%JacerX> Your workplace reasoning doesn't really work outside of the workplace.
[19:07:44] (@RaptorIIC) Being sponsored
[19:07:46] (%JacerX) Also I don't qualifiy a sponsorship as an actual job
[19:07:47] (@RaptorIIC) Is effectively a job
[19:07:51] (Saha) Sponsorship is a job
[19:07:53] (%JacerX) since they don't get paid
[19:08:01] (@RaptorIIC) Uh, what
[19:08:05] (@RaptorIIC) They get free trips and merchandise
[19:08:07] (%JacerX) they get the money from what they win
[19:08:09] (@RaptorIIC) Paid for by the company
[19:08:14] (@RaptorIIC) Unless those are just gifts
[19:08:16] (@RaptorIIC) Thanks Ryan Hart
[19:08:18] (PhGjRFmdo1I) if you don't treat it as a job, you don't deserve to be sponsored
[19:08:19] (@RaptorIIC) For being so awesome
[19:08:20] (@RaptorIIC) Have some free shit
[19:08:21] (PhGjRFmdo1I) D:
[19:08:24] (%JacerX) all they get out of it is free clothes and or crap like that and flight tickets
[19:08:28] (%JacerX) they don't get hourly wages lol
[19:08:30] (PhGjRFmdo1I) flight tickets are pretty good
[19:08:36] (PhGjRFmdo1I) also hotels right
[19:08:41] (@RaptorIIC) Apparently it's not enough
[19:08:45] (@RaptorIIC) It's just gifts and trinkets
[19:08:53] (%JacerX) it's not a job and anyone who thinks it is is just lol
[19:08:58] (@RaptorIIC) Daigo thinks it's a job
[19:09:04] (@RaptorIIC) Pretty sure
[19:09:06] (%JacerX) Daigo works at two different places
[19:09:09] (@RaptorIIC) All of the SC2 and LoL community
[19:09:10] (@RaptorIIC) thinks it's a job
[19:09:11] (Saha) so does, everyone who is sponsored
[19:09:13] (%JacerX) a hospital and a casino
[19:09:16] (%JacerX) or did you forget that
[19:09:17] (@RaptorIIC) Pretty much Saha
[19:09:23] (@RaptorIIC) Re: Other examples
[19:09:24] (PhGjRFmdo1I) daigo def. doesn't work right now
[19:09:29] (@RaptorIIC) And yeah he doesn't
[19:09:31] (@RaptorIIC) He's at the arcade 12h a day
[19:09:33] (PhGjRFmdo1I) he goes to the arcade from 9-whenever it closes
[19:09:36] (@RaptorIIC) No wait, he's at work
[19:09:36] (shinkan) Daigo is practicing non-stop
[19:09:40] (PhGjRFmdo1I) i read it in an article
[19:09:53] (@RaptorIIC) But wait no, Daigo isn't a good example
[19:10:06] (PhGjRFmdo1I) what about latif
[19:10:13] (PhGjRFmdo1I) latif doesn't show up to many tournaments right
[19:10:13] (@RaptorIIC) He's working at both the casino and hospital
[19:10:15] (PhGjRFmdo1I) he must be working
[19:10:16] (@RaptorIIC) And practicing 12h a day
[19:10:19] (@RaptorIIC) Yeah, that's Daigo
[19:10:21] (@RaptorIIC) Superjap
[19:10:23] (@RaptorIIC) Doesn't sleep
[19:10:26] (@RaptorIIC) Works 2 jobs and plays 12h a day
[19:10:28] (%JacerX) LOL latiff
[19:10:38] (%JacerX) yes let's compare latiff who is pretty much rich
[19:10:45] (%JacerX) because of oil
[19:10:46] (@RaptorIIC) Thank YOU Jacer, for enlightening me
[19:10:55] (@RaptorIIC) afk, laughing
[19:11:01] (@Jake--) flash doesnt have a job either, he just carries for fun
[19:11:14] (shinkan) Flash earns six figures
[19:11:18] (%JacerX) really? I don't like to enlighten people because I don't think I am qualified to disagree with people's opinions :)
[19:11:20] (shinkan) No other BW player compares to that :/
[19:11:30] (%JacerX) and then force my own on them
[19:11:32] (@RaptorIIC) Yeah you definitely aren't
[19:11:36] (@RaptorIIC) I could tell from this
[19:11:39] (%JacerX) yes but I can see you are
[19:11:52] (@RaptorIIC) So like Saha said, you can just state a retarded opinion
[19:11:58] (@RaptorIIC) And people will just leave it at that
[19:12:19] (@RaptorIIC) I can do that from now on too tbh
[19:12:33] (PhGjRFmdo1I) engineering takes no skillz
[19:12:45] (Saha) I just know we sponsor a ton of people
[19:12:46] (@RaptorIIC) Man Jake
[19:12:50] (@RaptorIIC) When you said Flash
[19:12:55] (Saha) and if they were to shit talk us publically, we could sue the balls off them
[19:12:55] (@RaptorIIC) I thought you were talking about flashmetroid
[19:12:59] (@RaptorIIC) then you said 6 digits
[19:12:59] (@Jake--) lol
[19:13:02] (@RaptorIIC) And I realized you weren't
[19:13:08] (shinkan) I said that :(
[19:13:08] (PhGjRFmdo1I) oh
[19:13:13] (@RaptorIIC) Oh yeah, shinkan said that
[19:13:19] (PhGjRFmdo1I) i just remembered who flash was
[19:13:21] (shinkan) This is copyright infringement
[19:13:22] (PhGjRFmdo1I) hahahahaha
[19:13:46] (@Jake--) yeah flash earns a little more than f.metroid
[19:13:50] (PhGjRFmdo1I) i totally thought you were talking about flashmetroid and somehow he had some job
[19:13:52] (shinkan) Also the moment everyone waited on apparently, Marvel is on
[19:13:54] (@RaptorIIC) About 6 digits more
[19:13:57] (@Jake--) haha
[19:13:57] (@RaptorIIC) Link it shinkan
[19:14:02] (PhGjRFmdo1I) !streams
[19:14:03] (shinkan) http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky
[19:14:12] (@RaptorIIC) Yo, according to Canada Cup, Flashm earns -$600
[19:14:13] (PhGjRFmdo1I) alisa's too slow
[19:14:16] (Saha) Alisa got confused
[19:14:19] (@RaptorIIC) Also ty
[19:14:21] (@Jake--) haha
[19:14:36] (shinkan) (EE∀・)~ォ☁E
[19:14:37] (PhGjRFmdo1I) raptor
[19:14:41] (@RaptorIIC) hi
[19:14:57] (PhGjRFmdo1I) in the future when people are talking about some stream you don't know about
[19:15:05] (shinkan) Ask them?
[19:15:07] 01 11~~~14 quit: [ JacerX ! JaceBerter@ChatSpikednj6uo.ca.comcast.net ] [ Quit: Leaving ]
[19:15:07] (@RaptorIIC) Hahahaha